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Welcome to Patriot News, where steadfast values meet the pulse of current events. As Michigan's premier conservative news source, we are committed to delivering insightful reporting that resonates with the heart of America. Our mission is to provide our readers with accurate, in-depth coverage of Michigan and national political news, offering a perspective that upholds traditional values and champions the conservative cause.

At Patriot News, we believe in the power of informed citizenship. Our team of dedicated journalists and contributors are deeply rooted in the community, ensuring that every story we publish is not only factually rigorous but also echoes the principles and priorities of our readers. From local happenings to national headlines, our content is curated to foster understanding, provoke thought, and encourage dialogue.
We stand firm in our commitment to truth, transparency, and the tenets of conservatism. In an era where the media landscape is as varied as the opinions it houses, Patriot News serves as a beacon of reliability and a voice of integrity. 

Join us in our journey to illuminate the news through the lens of conservative values, where every story is an opportunity to explore, understand, and engage with the world around us. Welcome to Patriot News - Your Trusted Source for Conservative Insight in Michigan and Beyond.