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Representative Cam Cavitt on Trump’s Visit and Michigan’s Future

In an exclusive interview with Representative Cam Cavitt, the excitement and anticipation for former President Donald Trump's visit to Michigan was palpable. As the political atmosphere heats up with Trump's impending rally, Cavitt shared his expectations and hopes for Michigan under Trump's potential second presidency.

Rallying Michigan for Prosperity and Safety

When asked about his expectations for Trump’s visit, Cavitt expressed enthusiasm about the energy Trump brings to the political landscape. "He is going to rally the crowd, the troops are here," Cavitt stated, reflecting the high spirits and readiness among Trump's supporters in Michigan.

Cavitt is optimistic about what another Trump presidency could mean for the state. "More prosperity, a safer Michigan, jobs, he is going to make Michigan great again," Cavitt remarked, echoing Trump’s famous campaign slogan while emphasizing the tangible benefits Trump will bring to the state.

A Focused Priority on Immigration

One of Cavitt’s primary concerns—and a central theme during the rally in Freeland—was the ongoing border crisis. He highlighted his legislative efforts, a bill to ban sanctuary cities within Michigan. This legislation aligns with broader Republican efforts to enforce stricter immigration laws and strengthen border security.

Furthermore, Cavitt has joined forces with House Minority Speaker Matt Hall, advocating for the deployment of Michigan’s National Guard to the border. This move underscores the seriousness with which Cavitt and his colleagues view the border situation, seeing it as a direct influence on national security and local communities.

Final Thoughts

As the political season intensifies, Representative Cam Cavitt’s focus on strong, actionable policies—particularly concerning immigration—highlights his commitment to addressing the immediate needs of his constituents. With Trump’s visit, there is a renewed sense of momentum among supporters who share Cavitt’s vision of a prosperous, secure Michigan. Cavitt’s proactive legislative agenda and alignment with national Republican goals position him as a key player in Michigan’s political future, aiming to foster growth and stability in the state.

Elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2022, Cam Cavitt represents the 106th District—a region that spans several northern Michigan counties including Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, Presque Isle, and parts of Oscoda and Cheboygan.