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Republican Senate and House Leaders Assess Border Crisis in Texas Visit

Last week, leaders from Michigan's Republican Senate and House, House Minority Leader Matt Hall of Richland Township and Senate Leader Aric Nesbitt of Porter Township, traveled to Eagle Pass, Texas, to directly observe the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. Accompanied by National Guard units from Texas and over a dozen other states, they evaluated the ongoing challenges firsthand.

During their visit, Leader Hall described the situation as an “immigration crisis,” attributing the influx of migrants to the Biden administration’s reversal of the "Remain in Mexico" policy and the perceived misuse of the asylum process. He criticized Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her approach to handling the immigration issue in Michigan, accusing her of using state resources to support undocumented immigrants through rent assistance and legal aid to delay deportations. Hall advocated for a more stringent approach, suggesting that Michigan should deploy troops to assist at the border.

Senate Leader Nesbitt expressed his dismay at the disorder he witnessed, describing the border situation as chaotic. The visit included interactions with border patrol officials and observing attempts by migrants to cross the border away from official entry points. The delegation's experiences were documented through photos and a brief aerial video provided by a spokesperson for Leader Hall, showcasing their active engagement with the unfolding crisis at the border.