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Trump Backs Mike Rogers for Michigan Senate: A Game-Changer Amid GOP Controversy

On Monday, former President Donald Trump threw his support behind ex-U.S. Representative Mike Rogers for the Michigan Senate seat, a significant boost for Rogers' campaign in the Republican primary set for August.

Trump praised Rogers on Truth Social, highlighting his respected status and a career filled with achievements spanning from his Army days to his tenure in Congress, and now eyeing a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Rogers secured the pivotal endorsement of Trump, who is poised to secure the Republican presidential nomination soon. Trump expressed confidence that Rogers would be a staunch ally in promoting America First Policies, focusing on border security, combating inflation, boosting the economy, enhancing military and veteran support, and upholding the Second Amendment.

Trump stated, "Mike Rogers will be a formidable and influential Senator for Michigan, earning my Complete and Total Endorsement. HE KNOWS HOW TO WIN!" However, this endorsement has stirred controversy within some GOP circles. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul criticized Rogers, labeling him a never-Trumper and accusing him of belonging to a spy state against Trump.

On X (formerly Twitter), Paul condemned the endorsement, sharing clips of Rogers' past criticisms of Trump on CNN, questioning the advice Trump receives and hinting at future controversial endorsements.

Rogers, who previously chaired the House Intelligence Committee and leads in GOP primary fundraising, had been criticized by primary opponents for his past critiques of Trump, including a comment that "Trump's time had passed." Rogers was a frequent guest on CNN and critiqued the former president many times on the cable news network.

The endorsement, arriving six weeks before the primary filing deadline, marks an early show of support by Trump.

Michael Hoover, a Senate candidate, also questioned Trump's endorsement of Rogers, citing Rogers' past negative remarks about Trump on CNN and suggesting ulterior motives related to financial gains. Hoover has previously criticized Trump for various reasons, including his move to Florida, involvement in the Patriot Act, and financial benefits received by his wife during his tenure as Intelligence Committee chair, issues Democrats are eager to leverage.

Democratic contenders for the primary include three-term U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin of Holly, actor Hill Harper of Detroit, and Dearborn businessman Nasser Beydoun.