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Whitmer's Double Standards: Criticizing Trump While Ignoring Her Own Missteps

Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues her relentless criticism of former President Donald Trump, a tactic she has employed frequently in her political career. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Whitmer echoed Vice President Kamala Harris’s sentiment, claiming Trump “flouts the law” and has “just got caught.” This rhetoric is nothing new from Whitmer, who has often used Trump as a convenient scapegoat to distract from her own controversial decisions and policies.

During the interview, host Dana Bash brought up Harris’s recent speech in Detroit, where she declared that Trump’s actions should disqualify him from running for president. Whitmer eagerly agreed, stating, “No one is above the law. Everyone is held into account.” She emphasized the importance of holding leaders to their oaths of office, contrasting Trump’s legal troubles with what she described as President Joe Biden’s dedication to public service.

Whitmer’s criticism of Trump, however, rings hollow given her own contentious record. It’s worth remembering that Whitmer’s strict COVID-19 lockdown measures in 2020 sparked widespread backlash, culminating in Trump’s famous tweet to “LIBERATE MICHIGAN.” Her policies, which many considered draconian and economically damaging, led to significant public outcry and protests. Despite this, Whitmer has consistently positioned herself as a paragon of virtue while painting Trump as a villain.

Whitmer’s assertion that Trump “cheats and just got caught” is a blatant attempt to sway public opinion ahead of the high-stakes 2024 election. It’s a classic example of political opportunism, using Trump’s legal issues to distract from her administration’s failures and controversies. Whitmer’s tenure has been marred by allegations of overreach, particularly during the pandemic, when her policies faced numerous legal challenges and widespread criticism for their severity and impact on businesses and livelihoods.

Moreover, Whitmer’s insistence that Biden has “delivered for the American people” ignores the significant challenges and dissatisfaction many Americans feel under his administration. Rising inflation, economic instability, and ongoing concerns about public safety and governance paint a less rosy picture than Whitmer’s portrayal.

In reality, Whitmer’s relentless focus on Trump serves as a convenient diversion from her own shortcomings. While she accuses Trump of lawlessness, she conveniently sidesteps the legal and ethical questions raised during her time in office. This double standard is emblematic of a broader issue within the Democratic Party, where attacking Trump often substitutes for addressing real policy concerns and voter needs.

As the 2024 election approaches, voters should see through Whitmer’s predictable attacks and recognize them for what they are: a political strategy to deflect criticism from her own administration. It’s essential for the electorate to demand accountability from all leaders, not just those from the opposing party. Whitmer’s focus on Trump’s flaws should be balanced with a critical examination of her own record, ensuring that political rhetoric does not overshadow the need for effective and fair governance.